Every year, BMES, the national organization, hosts an Annual Meeting with a variety of presentation sessions, exhibitors, workshops and other events. 

The 2017 BMES Annual Meeting is being held in Phoenix, Arizona from October 11-14.

Attending the Annual Meeting is a great opportunity to meet BMES members from around the world and learn about the frontiers of biomedical engineering research. More information about the meeting can be found at http://bmes.org/annualmeeting.

You can see photos of our members at the 2014 Annual Meeting at:


In order to help our members attend the meeting, SJSU BMES will offer a few different subsidies. Below, you can find our tentative subsidy plan. We have limited funding, however, and the amount of subsidies that we can provide to each traveller depends on the number of traveling members. So, consider the following as a guide to plan your trip but expect changes as we learn how many members want to attend. 

  • SJSU BMES members who volunteered for the 8th Annual Bay Area Biomedical Device Conference will receive an airfare subsidy up to $200 dollars and a shared hotel room (4 people per room). Must also sign-up to volunteer at National BMES conference (info below). SJSU BMES will handle hotel bookings and room assignments. Attendees are responsible for booking their own flights and will receive their reimbursement after the meeting. 
  • SJSU BMES members who did not volunteer for the 8th Annual Bay Area Biomedical Device Conference will receive an airfare subsidy up to $100 dollars. Must also sign-up to volunteer at National BMES conference (info below). Attendees are responsible for booking their own flights. Attendees in this category may also be responsible for their own hotel arrangement, though possible subsidy may be provided by SJSU BMES, but not guaranteed. 
  • Non-members are not eligible for airfare or hotel subsidy. Please do not simply join SJSU BMES late just so you can get the $100 subsidy, we will not honor this. 
  • Our group dinner will cost a flat-rate of $20 per person and then SJSU BMES will pay for the rest. We will provide you with the Venmo account to pay online. 

Registration (Could be free! Please read carefully)

Meeting registration rates can be found here: http://www.bmes.org/registration

Attendees to the meeting are responsible for their registration fees. Attendees will be able to sign up as student volunteers during the meeting to cover $125 of the registration cost for each shift that you do. You can sign up for 2 shifts, and if you get selected to do 2 shifts, that is $250 goes back to you! Sign ups will open in late June. Volunteer positions fill up very fast so make sure to sign up as soon as it is available. 

Link to Volunteer here: http://www.bmes.org/content.asp?contentid=184


If you are interested in attending the 2017 BMES Annual Meeting in Phoenix Arizona, please fill out the form below by July 1st, 2017. Then the SJSU BMES Executive Officers can have ample time to book hotel rooms. Please do let us know later on if you no longer interested in going so we can cancel the hotel rooms. 

Thank you for your interest in going to the National BMES Conference with SJSU BMES. 

The deadline has passed.

We look forward to seeing you next year at Atlanta, Georgia Oct 17-20, 2018