Membership is open to all majors and colleges.

  1. Become a national BMES member.
    Student membership to National BMES is required and can be obtained here. National BMES Membership costs $30 per calendar year. For assistance with the sign-up process, please see the video guide below.
  2. Forward the confirmation email that you receive from National BMES membership confirmation.
    Forward the email titled "Biomedical Engineering Society - Thank you for your order." that shows your membership expiration date to our President, Hoang Nguyen:
  3. Go to the top of this page and submit in your membership information
  4. Obtain a personal door code to the SJSU BMES clubroom.
    To get access to the clubroom, please download, sign, and email the signed clubroom contract (scanned or digitally signed on Adobe Reader). Do not need to print and hand in to us.

For best viewing set to 1080p and use full-screen.

Top 10 reasons to join:

  1. Network with students from around the Bay Area interested in the biomedical engineering field.
  2. Invites to seminars and training.
  3. Industrial site tours.
  4. Access to ENGR 182, the SJSU BMES study and lounge.
  5. Collaborate on projects with fellow students.
  6. Interact with working professionals from biomedical engineering companies.
  7. Obtain aid from fellow members who have enrolled in your classes.
  8. Personal guidance about the school or industry from BME undergraduates, graduates, and alumni.
  9. A place to meet an energetic group of people who are passionate about the field of biomedical engineering.
  10. Meet our amazing advisors, Dr. Bellofiore and Dr. Guna Selvaduray.