K-12 Program Objectives

SJSU BMES organizes K-12 outreach events to encourage young student to pursue careers in STEM, especially biomedical engineering. Through this program we hope to increase awareness about biomedical engineering as a profession and introduce students to the engineering design process. 

 Recent K-12 Outreach Events:

SJSU BMES outreach volunteers brought an electrophysiology education kit to Science Extravaganza, an event organized by the Society of Latino Engineers and Scientists. Students from local middle schools were introduced to the ionic activity of the human body and techniques to record it. A basic electrocardiography device was used to show students their ECG signal.

Community College Program Objectives

San Jose State University's student chapter of the Biomedical Engineering Society is working to organize a series of events in order to help community college students with transferring to a four-year college.  Our new outreach program objective focuses on establishing a pipeline between community colleges in the Bay Area and the SJSU College of Engineering and its biomedical engineering program.

Program Leader: Shubhraj Bhinder

To get involved with our outreach committee, contact Shubhraj Bhinder, at shubhraj.bhinder@sjsu.edu .

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