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Ever since its first meeting, SJSU BMES has been consistently recognized by both San Jose State University and the national Biomedical Engineering Society for outstanding work in promoting the biomedical engineering career.  From industry tours, professional speakers, poster sessions, networking events, and community service, SJSU BMES members are active in a diversity of events.


2010 — BMES Student Chapter Honorable Mention Award
2010 — Outstanding New Program at San Jose State University
2011 — Student Chapter Commendable Achievement Award
2012 — Student Chapter Meritorious Award
2012 — Student Leadership Award
2012 — Advisor of the Year Award
2014 — Outstanding Student Chapter Award
2015 — Most Outstanding Academic/Honorary Student Organization
2015 —UC Davis Make-A-Thon Most Creative Design Award
2018 — BMES Chapter Commendable Achievement Award - Atlanta, GA


Contribute to SJSU BMES student members:  

Immerse members in a supportive community which aids in the fulfillment of their academic, professional and personal goals.

Contribute to biomedical engineering students:

Organize poster presentations and student research competitions which give all biomedical engineering students a platform to present their work.

Contribute to the SJSU student body:

Promote networking and professional advancement by inviting speakers and industry experts in the field to San Jose State University.

Contribute to the local biomedical device community:

Facilitate the transfer of knowledge between industry professionals, students and researchers with the Bay Area Biomedical Device Conference.